How are my former students doing in high school? Let me know!

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Fall Break from 9/23 to 10/7 Students return on Tuesday, October 8th.

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CST Scores!!!

Congrats to my wonderful students.
CST scores for this year are in!
We got 86% average in Algebra and 76% average in Science! You guys rock!!!!! Enjoy your Summer break, FRESHMEN!
Keep in touch!

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Pics and money

Bring your cap and gown pics/ money tomorrow. Also bring your permission slips for the movie.

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Books and Fees

Don’t forget to bring your books to school tomorrow. Also, make sure you have paid library and cafeteria fees if you’re going to Knott’s.

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Extra Credit Roller Coaster PPT Due by Midnight

I will not accept any PPTs that are turned in after midnight or tomorrow.

Make sure to re-read the rubric carefully in order to get your full 500 pts. If not, you will receive only partial credit.

If you lost your rubric you can see the directions on Teacherease by clicking on the assignment.

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Important Reminders!!!

Constellation Project Due Tomorrow!!!!

C15S5 Poster is due at the end of your block tomorrow.

Turn in missing work ASAP!!!!

There are so many of you who have gotten your grades up and will be eligible for the Knott’s Berry farm trip 🙂 I’m proud of you!!! Keep it up!!

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You only have 2 more nights to complete Part III: Star Gazing, of your project.

Part I, II, and III of the project are due on Friday, May 17th. Presentations begin on Tuesday, May 21st.

You only have one more day to receive an extra 20 points on each section if you turn them in by tomorrow.

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Homework and Reminders

C15S4 Poster is due tomorrow at the end of the science period. If you still have a lot to complete, I suggest you complete some at home. Make sure to write neat, use color for diagram (include captions), and answer questions with complete sentences.

Don’t forget that the Constellation Project is due this Friday! So your last chance to receive 20 extra points on each section is this Thursday.

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